C Washers and Captive Washers

C Washers and Captive Washers are specialized types of washers used in various mechanical and assembly applications for securing, spacing, or providing a load distribution surface for threaded fasteners like bolts and screws. C Washers are shaped like the letter "C," allowing them to be installed or removed by slotting them sideways onto a bolt shaft without the need to completely remove the fastener. This design is particularly useful in applications where adjustments or maintenance require partial disassembly, providing flexibility and time savings. Captive Washers, on the other hand, are designed to be attached to a screw or bolt, becoming an integral part of the fastener. This prevents the washer from falling off or getting lost during installation or removal, ensuring the correct washer is always used with the fastener and simplifying assembly processes, especially in hard-to-reach places or in applications where loose parts can cause issues. Both types of washers serve to enhance the reliability and efficiency of assembly operations in various industrial, automotive, and electronic applications.

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