Index Plungers

Location plungers and spring plungers

Index plungers and spring plungers are mechanical components commonly used in various industrial and engineering applications. Index plungers, also known as indexing plungers, are typically cylindrical or rod-like devices with a spring-loaded pin at one end and a knob or handle at the other. They are primarily used for positioning and locking mechanisms, allowing for precise and repeatable alignment of machine parts, fixtures, or components. When the knob is pulled, the spring-loaded pin disengages, allowing for adjustment or movement, and when released, it locks into a predefined position.

On the other hand, spring plungers consist of a threaded body with a spring-loaded plunger at one end and a slotted or knurled knob at the other. These plungers are used to apply a controlled and adjustable force or pressure, typically in applications where quick and frequent adjustments are required. By turning the knob, the user can extend or retract the plunger, applying or relieving force as needed. Spring plungers are used in various settings, such as clamping mechanisms, detent mechanisms, and as retractable pins in fixtures and machinery, ensuring precision and flexibility in engineering and manufacturing processes. Both index plungers and spring plungers are essential components in numerous industrial settings where accuracy, stability, and adjustability are critical.

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